To say that The Buckshots is a Hillbilly band would be shooting a bit short as they bring a blend of hillbilly, rockabilly, country and rhythm and blues.
They’re combining all these forms of American roots music into that typical hot rockin’ Buckshot sound.

It was Flip Geudens (lead vocals/guitars), Tom Hermans (guitars/vocals) and Tom Proost (double bass) ,who’ve been playing together for more than 20 years in a couple of other bands , that kick started The Buckshots somewhere in 2005.
The first five years or so they were backed up by Eddy Laenen on drums. Eddy used to be the drummer for the Del Vanlentino’s .
When they were about to record their first Cd (Broomstick Buckaroo) they added a pedal steel guitar player (Frans Anthonis) to get a more ‘60s Bakersfield sound. When the recording was done Frans kept playing with the band for another 2 years. For a couple of songs on the CD The Buckshots got the help of Els Oostvogels to sing along.
Els is the lead vocalist for the Bamboo Apple Cutters, a band with which Tom and Flip used to play. Els kept singing with the band after the recording of the CD and is nowadays a full fletched member of the band and takes a lot of the lead vocals on here account. Also ‘bout that same time Joris Verdonck was called in to play the drums and replaced Eddy prior to the recording of the CD. Eddy retired from the music making business and now spent his time with sipping on pina-coladas on some Caribbean beach.

Nowadays The Buckshots are a well-known band in the Belgian music scene and also played on festivals and in bars in Holland, Germany, France and Spain. They opened for acts like The Paladins , Bill Healy’s comets , Deke Dickerson to name a few.

Well if you really wanna know what The Buckshots are all about just get out of that lazy chair and go to one of their gigs!

Designed by Elprusio (C)